About Me

Makeup is another form of fiction, a way to tell a story, or bend reality. I believe that, in the right hands, fiction is a powerful lens, able to expose the truth in fascinating ways.

Currently based in Sydney, my love for makeup took me to Los Angeles where I graduated the Master Makeup Course at the world renowned Cinema Makeup School. Surrounded by inspiring teachers and fellow students, my dreams of executing my skills and designs soon became a reality.

The privilege of being taught by some of the best in the business was both humbling and inspiring. They pushed me to creative heights I never imagined possible while constantly challenging me to be bold, and to recognise that all great art is born from pushing the limits and not being afraid to fail.

My passion for the craft stems from an artistic background. Previously drawn to courses in art & design, creative expression has always played a big role in my life.

Every face or body presents an exciting new challenge. Whether it be accentuating one’s beauty, expressing a character or blurring the lines between body and art, the possibilities are truly endless.

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